N Halsted St Bridge

The first bridge to cross the North Branch at N Halsted St was a swing bridge built in 1866. The swing bridge era ended when a Scherzer rolling lift bridge was completed in 1897. The rolling lift bridge was in service for 58 years.

N. Halsted St Bridge circa 1897 (image from "Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridges" 1908, Digitized by Google)

Planning for the current Chicago-type bascule trunnion bridge began in 1948. Contracts were awarded in late 1952. The existing bridge remained in service while the new bridge was being built and was removed in March of 1955.

The new bridge was outfitted with temporary controls so it could be operated while operator houses and other finishing touches were completed. Mayor Daley and other officials opened the bridge to traffic by walking across it on December 5, 1955.

Construction work was not fully complete until 1957.

N Halsted bridge in 2015

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