North Branch Bridges

In addition to the 27 CDOT bridges operated on a regular basis on the Main Stem and South Branch of the Chicago River, the first five North Branch bridges are required by federal law to be maintained as operable (Federal Regulations - 33 CFR 117.391). These bridges, Kinzie St (1909); Grand Ave (1913); Ohio St (1961); Chicago Ave (1914); and N. Halsted St (1955), are rarely operated.

The three bridges shown in yellow on the map (Kinzie St, Grand Ave, & Chicago Ave) are members of the 100 Club.

While Division St (1904 - also a member of the 100 Club) is no longer operable, it gets an honorable mention because it is a first generation Chicago-type bridge with relatively easy access from downtown especially via the Chicago Water Taxi run from Madison St. to North Ave.