Do you have a story about one of the eighteen?

One of the goals of this project is to document the cultural impact that these bridges have on the people that interact with them.

For some visitors, this site has evoked childhood memories of visiting Dad's office in Chicago. For others, the stories involve more recent events or the first time impact of seeing one of these marvels operate. For a select few (operators, maintenance crews, and engineers) the interactions are more frequent and personal.

Submit your thoughts via the e-mail link below. As this is a family friendly website, please keep your language appropriate for all age groups. I will review each submittal before posting and I reserve the right to screen/edit as I judge appropriate (you will see the final result before it's posted). Please indicate in your e-mail how you would like to be identified on the site (anonymous, initials only, etc).

I hope to include some of these stories in the book. If you do not want your story in the book, please make it clear in your e-mail.

Thank you!

What's your story?